5 Unbelievable Reasons Why Marble Look Tiles Should Feature In Your Home

January 20, 2020

For centuries, marble has been used to create monuments and palaces around the world. Its sophisticated look has been used to highlight luxury and refinement from ancient Greek structures, to todays most affluent homeowners and their homes. As timeless as this natural stone is, it comes with an exorbitant price tag and need for regular maintenance.

This has created a need for a less pricey, more practical tiling alternative. Due to exponential advances in modern technology, the most popular tiling materials have been replicated to perfectly imitate luxurious marble stone. Thats why most Sydney homeowners are opting out of marble tiling and setting their sights on marble look tiles instead. So why should you do the same? Here are 5 reasons why marble look tiles are a must-have design element for your home.

#1 Minimal Maintenance

Dont like cleaning? Neither do we! Marble look tiles are made from kiln-fired clay. They are either ceramic or porcelain, which makes maintenance very simple. These materials are especially dense and strong, making them much more durable and less prone to damage. They are not very porous, and often glazed, protecting them against water damage, stains and fading. This makes them perfectly suited for even the messiest spaces, like the kitchen! More porous materials, like natural marble, require regular and extensive maintenance, cleaning and sealing to keep them looking luxurious. The soft, porous nature of marble makes it highly absorbent, easily scratched and prone to damage. Unlike durable marble look tiles, marble will need to be updated overtime and replaced when damaged, as it cannot be repaired, which is costly.

#2 Affordable And Diverse

Importantly, the costs and installation of marble look tiles are almost half that of solid marble. Coupled with the hidden extra costs of ongoing, extensive maintenance and cleaning, going straight marble can put a persistent dent in your finances. Marble look tiles will not need surface treatments, nor specialty maintenance regimes. This makes them the cheaper, more practical choice in the long-term.

In the past, marble look tiles were unpopular due to the lack of variety. Today, these tiles come in endless shapes, sizes, colours and finishes. From glossed to textured, and everything in-between, you will find one to match the feel of your home at half the cost.

#3 Perfect For Outdoor Applications

The hard-wearing durability of marble look tiles has made them a popular choice for outdoor tiling. Thanks to their strength and water-resistant tendencies, marble look tiles will withstand the harshest conditions and outdoor activities without any help. The soft, porous consistency of real marble means it will be at risk for fading and damage. As one of the most durable and long-lasting tiling products in the industry, the appearance of marble look tiles wont change over time. This way, you can seamlessly transition from your indoor spaces into the great outdoors without worrying about damage from outside conditions.

#4 Chemical Resistant

Marble look tiles are impenetrable to most liquids, including harsh chemicals and acidic liquids from cleaning products and food. This protects them against all types of damage and makes cleaning them a lot easier! The ability to install them outdoors, in the kitchen, your studio or kids play area makes marble look tiles the most versatile and practical choice. Even with regular sealing, pure porous marble is easily ruined as it quickly absorbs stains and is etched irreversibly by acids. This doesnt only include acidic cleaning products by the way, but tomato, coffee, wine, and orange juice too.

#5 Allergy Friendly

The lack of porosity in marble look tiles makes them the perfect choice for allergy management. This protects your home by not allowing the accumulation of allergens within the material. Even when textured, the lack of absorption and pores means a quick clean will do the trick! Porous marble and adsorbent carpeting have been identified as the worst choices to minimise allergies. They collect allergens, trapping them within your home, as well as moisture that encourages mould.

Marble look tiles are a must-have addition to your perfect home, and we can understand why. Its hard to ignore their elegance, practicality and endless advantages! Their durability, refined aesthetic, wide variety and ability to withstand mess, temperatures and heavy foot traffic make marble look tiles perfect for practically any surface and any room.

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