5 Tips for Choosing the Best Kitchen Tiles

June 28, 2019

The kitchen is the heart of the modern Australian home, where you can enjoy the company of family and friends. The kitchen is also the major selling point of most homes in the current property market, so it makes sense to have your kitchen looking its best if you have plans to sell in the future. Tiles are a popular choice for flooring and walls in modern kitchens, prized for their versatility, durability and how they can bring a relaxed, warm atmosphere to any space.

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This month, we give you 5 tips for choosing the best kitchen tiles for your home:

Stick with the classic tile types

When selecting tiles for your kitchen, we recommend using classic tile materials and colours rather than whatever style is currently in vogue. Interior design trends change quickly, and what was celebrated in 2019 could become unfashionable within a few years. Classic choices for kitchen tiles include porcelain, ceramic, and most natural stones, in timeless configurations like subway tiles for splashbacks and large square cut tiles for flooring. If you would like your kitchen to be more unique or love a particular tile which is not traditionally used, then you can always experiment with a splashback or feature wall, which are less expensive to alter, and leave the classic tiles for your kitchen floor.

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Take inspiration from your existing style

Our second tip for choosing the best tiles for your kitchen is to take inspiration from the existing interior style of your home. Maintaining a consistent design style throughout your home will create a pleasing sense of flow, and add value to your house if you are planning to sell. For example, if a particular floor tile has been used in adjoining rooms to the kitchen, continuing the same tile in the kitchen itself will open up the space and make your home appear larger. Another aspect to consider is the existing cabinetry in your kitchen. Complimenting or contrasting your kitchen cabinets will help create a cohesive design, and affect the overall atmosphere of the space when it is complete.

Keep your kitchen low maintenance

Something else to consider with kitchen tiles is the level of maintenance your choice of tile will require. Tiles are easier to clean than other types of surfaces, meaning that they can easily be incorporated into your usual cleaning routine. However, some types of tiles and natural stone are more stain and moisture resistant than others, which should be taken into account when making your final choice. We also recommend sealing your kitchen tiles, which will ensure that stains cannot penetrate the surface of the tiles or grout, and also help to extend the lifespan of the tiles before they need to be replaced.

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Pick your tiles based on durability

Durability is another quality you need to be looking for when picking kitchen tiles. Kitchens are primarily used for food preparation, and are therefore regularly exposed to spills, stains, moisture and heat. Your kitchen wall and splashback tiles will need to be both stain and water resistant to meet the needs of the space, while your floor tiles will also need to be durable to last in such a high traffic area of the home. Both ceramic and porcelain tiles are often used in kitchens for their durability, along with marble and other dense natural stones. Tiles are one of the most popular choices for flooring in Australian homes because of their durable quality. To learn more, see our blog post on 5 reasons to install tile floors in your home.

Add interest with patterns and grout

Although white is a traditional choice for both bathrooms and kitchens, you also have the opportunity to add interest by selecting a particular pattern or grout colour for your tiles. The darker the grout colour, the more boldly the tile pattern will stand out, becoming a design feature within itself. Patterned and mosaic tiles are ideal to use on a kitchen backsplash to draw the eye and make your kitchen appear brighter and wider. You could also extend feature tiles up the wall of your kitchen, to give the appearance of more space and create an inviting aesthetic.

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