5 Reasons to Choose Timber Look Tiles

September 16, 2019

Timber look tiles are one of the most popular new tiling trends in contemporary design. As tile manufacturing technology becomes more advanced, you can now have realistic wood look floorboards in your favourite timber styles with none of the downsides of using natural timber. At My Tile Market, we pride ourselves on keeping up with the latest tiling and interior design trends to help our clients create their dream homes.

From durability to environmental sustainability, here are 5 reasons to consider choosing timber look tiles for your home:

Timber look tiles are environmentally friendly

The first reason to choose wood or timber look tiles is their sustainable and eco friendly nature. Unlike timber flooring which involves harvesting our natural forests, timber look tiles are manufactured to resemble different varieties of wood. Timber look tiles are generally made of ceramic or porcelain, printed with a wood grain design to create a sustainable alternative to timber. Many manufacturers produce wood look tiles using recycled materials, further reducing the impact on the environment. Also, unlike real timber, your timber look tile floor will never change colour or fade over time, ensuring that your tiles will continue looking their best for years to come.

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Timber look tiles can be used in wet areas

Unlike natural timber, wood look tiles can be used anywhere inside or outside your home. Timber look tiles are much more resistant to water and heat than real timber floorboards, and are often glazed to ensure extra protection against moisture. A timber floor used in a bathroom, laundry or kitchen can be susceptible to discoloration, rot and stains, while timber look tiles have the advantage of being made from durable materials such as porcelain. Having the freedom to install timber look tiles wherever you like opens up a variety of design options to create your personal interior style. You can flow between indoor and outdoor spaces using floor tiles, create a spa-like atmosphere in your bathroom, or use wood look tiles as the basis for a Scandinavian, contemporary or coastal design style.

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Timber look tiles are durable

Another reason to consider choosing wood look tiles for your home is their durability and resistance to damage. Unlike natural timber, timber look tiles are more difficult to scratch or mark, making them an ideal choice for a family home or if you have pets. Because of their ceramic or porcelain makeup, you can easily clean up spills off timber look tiles without worrying that they will be permanently stained. Wood look tiles also do not expand and contract in hot or cold weather like natural timber, preventing the growth of mould or other bacteria between the grout joints. If you are planning to use timber look tiles outdoors or in wet areas, we suggest choosing a textured variety with a higher level of slip resistance for safety.

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Timber look tiles come in a range of styles
Timber look tiles come in an extensive range of colours, styles and shapes. No matter which type of timber you prefer, you can find a wood look tile which resembles it perfectly. Timber look tiles are an extremely versatile choice, available in a variety of shades that reproduce the look of natural timber including oak, elm, cherry and maple wood. Wood look tiles on the market today are so realistic, down to the grain and natural imperfections, that it is almost impossible to tell they are not real timber floorboards. This effect is created by scanning natural timber and using high resolution printing technology, reproducing the natural look of the original wood in great detail. If you are looking for a particular type of timber look tile, the in store tile experts at Tile Tech Solutions can help you find the exact product that you need for your tiling project.

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Timber look tiles are cost efficient and easy to maintain

The final reason to consider choosing wood look tiles for your home is how easy they are to maintain. Timber look tiles are a cost efficient cost for your home, not requiring special maintenance or to be sealed against moisture. Natural timber needs to be regularly sealed and polished to keep it protected and looking beautiful, while timber look tiles only need to be vacuumed or mopped with warm water. Wood look tiles are easy to fit into your usual cleaning routine, while timber floorboards are more high maintenance. Like other tiles, dirt and dust can build up in the grout joints of timber look tiles, but can easily be removed with a microfibre mop and mild cleaning products.

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