4 Buzzing, Bold & Beautiful Bathroom Tile Trends to Try Going Into 2020

November 20, 2019

Whats the most unique thing that stands out about your home? Most Aussies will give similar answers to that question. Perhaps its the layout? Or your furniture? Or even your collection of artwork? Those are all great features to have, but what if we told you that you could make some audacious, more permanent additions to your home, making it more you? Your bathrooms are among the most personal spaces in your home. Most people step into this room multiple times a day, which makes it an ideal candidate for a bathroom tile trend makeover. Here are some of our favourite trends going into the new year.

Tile Trend #1: Marvelous Marble All Around to Open Up the Space

Theres nothing like white marble to set the tone for a luxurious restroom. Tiling the walls and floors in the same style makes for a never-ending canvas, so furniture and decor can be over the top imaginative too.

Tile Trend #2: A Geometrical Motif Running Along One Wall to Make a Statement

Say it with me: patterns will never be out of style. Sure, the kinds of patterns that are on-trend do change, but knowing your personal style well makes it easier to select well. Go for artistic, mosaic-type or geometrical motifs if you want to catch the eye.

Tile Trend #3: Matte Finishes Arent Just for Lipstick

Over the last few years, matte lip colours have been all the rage. The trend has overflowed into the world of bathroom tiling, which is great for offsetting residual moisture after baths and showers.

Tile Trend #4: Convincing Hardwood Imitations that Come in Tile Form

Wooden flooring remains the warmest representation of a home, but we know that it doesn’t work well in moist rooms. Laminate and vinyl wooden flooring look similar to the real thing but are more water-resistant and durable. You can bring that classic feel you love into the bathroom without stressing about maintenance.

We believe that this list is a balanced representation of out there and more restrained trends. Every client is different. Nobody appreciates that more than we do, so we dedicate our efforts towards providing the perfect tile for you. No style is too far out for the Tile Market. Shop now to see what we have available on our website.